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About ChemEICon|2024

The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Moratuwa is proud to announce its inaugural international research conference, ChemEICon in 2024. ChemEICon has a dynamic platform for academics, researchers, and industry experts to exchange knowledge and advancements in the field of chemical and process engineering, both locally and globally.


With a theme meticulously aligned with current trends, the ChemEICon|2024 aims to showcase the latest innovations in chemical engineering science and technology. Specifically, it emphasizes sustainable economic growth, the promotion of circular economy principles, the utilization of local raw materials for value addition, and addressing challenges associated with the prevailing economic crisis. ChemEICon|2024 will accentuate the immense potential of chemical and process engineering to adopt sustainable practices, contributing to the broader goal of fostering a circular economy. 

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